Your wedding can unfortunately no longer go ahead as planned, so the big question you have is: Shall I cancel or postpone my wedding? My recommendation is always to postpone. However, this decision should be made between you as couple and whoever is funding the wedding. You might not have a date that you feel comfortable postponing to and that’s totally fine! If you speak with your various vendors, you can hopefully negotiate a middle ground, such as keeping your payments as a future credit to use when a date is set. You can help keep the businesses that you fell in love with afloat and when the time comes, you won’t need to replan the wedding.
Once your venue informs you that you’ll have to reschedule your wedding, then is the time to inform your vendors and guests. Most people (in Italy) are in quarantine, so not only will this give them something to look forward to, but they’ll also have lots of time to re-plan and reschedule for your new wedding date.
When reaching out to your suppliers about cancelling/postponing your wedding, my recommendation is to put it in writing by email! Vendors for destination wedding Italy are currently trying to help many couples and they are truly doing their best!
If your wedding was planned within the next short time, you should be ready be ready to accept uncertainty, as there is no way of knowing when the wedding industry will return to normal.
It is definitely a safer option to postpone your wedding, based on current border blocks and travel restrictions to Italy. It’s your personal decision and risk to take, but postponing by no less than a year from your original wedding date is probably a safer option.
If you want to get married in spring 2021 I recommend to wait, but don’t do anything financially yet. Wait for a few months to see how the situation is evolving and date changes will need to be accommodated first. In the meanwhile, there’s nothing stopping you from continuing your research and finding suppliers for your destination wedding Italy.
I‘m creating for couples a list of all the things they need to tackle and I’m still having daily open communications with all my local suppliers. Now it’s important to remember couples and vendors need to be understanding! I can prevent anger (with my suppliers) by having good communication and keeping customers in the loop about the current situation, as most anger is caused by uncertainty!
Now I imagine that many brides around the world will be devastated by having to postpone their weddings, but I have some words of wisdom for you ladies! The best advice for you and how future husband is to focus your energy on planning a new wedding. Your new wedding can be the exact same as you originally planned, or it can be different! You can use this time to potentially even improve your old wedding plans and get new inspiration!
You never know, you might even prefer your renewed wedding plans. Keep your head up at the end of the day, this wedding will definitely happen and you will remember that special day for the rest of your life!
If you are uncertain about any of the above information or need some advice, please feel free to contact me. We will get through this situation together, Sabine 🌺