Dear brides,

I hope that you’re managing to find your way into your ‘new normal’ and more importantly staying home and staying safe.
I want to offer some expert wedding planning advice for navigating this complicated experience. Firsty, let’s take a deep breath (that felt good!) and dive in.
I know that a large number of you have had to postpone and pause their wedding plans and truly, my heart goes out to you. I want to offer as much support as I can to you at this time on emotional and practical level. I want to make sure that when your much-awaited wedding day happens, everything that you’ve bought and ordered is still in the best condition possible, ready for what I’m pretty sure is going to be the most important celebration in your life.
Please find below some practical and sensible solutions that can be useful for many of you.

Bridal dress

It’s definitely worth remembering that over time, straps and shoulders can stretch if the dress is heavy and it’s hung up. Most dresses will have hanging loops but it’s worth making sure that they haven’t slipped off and are positioned correctly so that the weight of the dress fully is on them.

If you have stored your dress in a box,  you can add some crunched-up acid-free tissue paper inside the to protect it from becoming a bit flattened over time. In most cases, a gown that has been boxed will need to be pressed before the big day. Hang your dress up as some creasing will drop out naturally.

Whether you choose to store your dress boxed or hung up, it should be well away from sources of damp, heat, sunlight and never in a plastic or non-breathable bag.

Some boutiques and ateliers have an insurance policy that covers storing brides dresses in the boutique / ateliers and so this is a service for brides who were getting married in April, May and June 2020. This can give you a complete peace of mind that your gowns is also in breathable woven fabric gown covers and stored safely and correctly.


Veils can also be stored hanging on a rail or clothes hanger. In either situation it’s always best to lightly steam before wearing the piece on the big day.

Wedding Accessoires

If you need to store your wedding accessories, the best thing you can do is to keep them in the packaging they were sent to you in. If your accessory was wrapped in tissue paper, keep it in this. You can use also acid-free jewellery grade tissue paper which acts as an extra barrier to prevent your jewellery from tarnishing. So it’s important to protect your accessories if you need to store them for an umpredicted period of time.
If your jewellery has discoloured or tarnished, you can use a silver polishing cloth to buff it up. If you need to handle your accessories, try to do so with clean hands that haven’t recently been moisturised – this will prevent any oils from getting on your jewellery and will keep it in tip top condition.


If the stationery was sent in a box it would be the best way to keep it in there. Keep away from direct sunlight or heat like radiators. Obviously, moisture will ruin paper so you don’t want to keep anything somewhere it will be subject to damp or any moisture at all. Items like table plans or backing board need to be stored somewhere that nothing heavy can fall on it. I suggest to wrap pieces up in bubble wrap and put something over the corners to stop the corners getting dog-eared. Everything else is better to keep flat and in a box.

If you have acrylic stationery, each piece of acrylic should be wrapped individually in tissue or bubble wrap, to protect the delicate finish from scratches. When moving or storing large acrylic signs, ensure the corners are protected and, where possible, store your signs in the protective packaging they were shipping in.

If you have stationery with vellum store them in a cool, dry place, even better if you can store it under something weight, like a book.

Be sure that my mission is to help take the stress out of wedding planning so you can create a celebration worthy of your love.
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Your Sabine 🌺