Musical accompaniment is the soundtrack of your marriage. The choice of music is important because it creates wonder, magic, and emotion. The right musical group will consolidate the spirit of your wedding.

My support will guide you through the various professionals in the sector, selected according to your needs, ranging from modern to pop, from classic to disco, from Italian melodic to jazz.

Photography & Video

The photograph and the wedding shots leave a mark and a permanent memory of the day, fixing it in shots and frames. Thanks to the experience gained, I will be able to offer you the services of the best photographers who will be able to accompany you with discretion and tell your story in a natural way. I will select only photographers and videomakers able to capture the emotions, without forcing you into artificial poses and expressions, so that you can fully enjoy every moment of the ceremony and the wedding party.

Details, glances, tears and smiles will communicate your joy and that of your loved ones, even after some time, allowing you to relive your big day at any time.