The bouquet is par excellence one of the symbols of the marriage, the essential accessory that accompanies the bride on one of the most important days of her life. During the preparations for my wedding I learned a lot about wedding bouquets and in this article I would like to give you some useful information.

Picking the right bridal bouquet takes time and planning

The tradition of the bouquet as we know it today developed in the Renaissance, when it became a symbol of prosperity and then passed down to the present day, becoming the icon of the everlasting love and representative of the beauty of the bride.

Today, the groom no longer chooses the bouquet; the modern bride plans with the florist the choice of her own bouquet which must be combined with the floral arrangement of the wedding.
Here are some suggestions in choosing the bouquet:

  • Wedding bouquet styles: Biedermeier, round, posy, cascade, hand-tied, nosegay, crescent, composite, single stem, pomander- or heart-shaped,  presentation, the bouquet must match perfectly with the bridal look, make-up and hairstyle. Flowers are an accessory and should not steal the bride’s show with her precious dress. My princess dress was very important and so I decided to choose a round bouquet (the florist had proposed me 6 options!). Thanks to the professional competence of the supplier, I was able to choose the perfect bouquet.
  • Choose the right size and shape for your bridal bouquet: it must adapt to the bride’s dress and her silhouette to create perfect harmony.
  • The flowers must be chosen according to the style of the wedding (classic, romantic, modern, vintage or rustic).
  • Depending on the season: peonies, lavender, roses or callas are suitable in spring (February, March, April and May), in summer (June and July) are lilies, mint flowers, peonies, dahlias, lavender, roses, hydrangeas , in late summer (August and September) they can be dahlias, heather or sunflowers, in autumn (October and November) gerbera, laurel snowball, orchids, clematis and in winter (December and January) Christmas roses, tulips, roses, amaryllis, hyacinths, snowdrops or cyclamens.

Bridal bouquet launch

It is undoubtedly one of the most awaited moments for the unmarried friends present at the reception. During my wedding the lucky one was one of my best friends who just happily married the following year, confirming the tradition.

Preserve the bridal bouquet

I dind’t want to say goodbye to my wedding flowers and so I asked the florist to prepare two identical bouquets: one to be reserved for the launch and the other to be preserve as a unique memory.
The bridal bouquet remains among the best memories of my wedding.

During the planning of your wedding I will introduce you to the best flower designers who will be able to advise you best on the floral arrangement and the choice and realization of the bridal bouquet.
I will help you select a skilled professional, dedicated in bridal set-ups who will take care of every detail and thanks to his experience, imagination and creativity, fashioning – as happened for me – a unique flower arrangement. Please contact me!