While every wedding is unique, certain design trends tend to dominate the wedding world at any given time. The current top themes range from the world of art to the timeless notion of romance. In a sea full of wedding styles you quickly lose track and that’s why I took a closer look at the most popular wedding décor styles of the upcoming season coming season.


This theme is the most appropriate for the big day filled with so much love. Firstly, the venue must have fairytale vibes: gorgeous gardens, waterfront settings, villas in chateau style. Soft and delicate lighting (chandeliers and soft candlelight) and pale palettes in florals (creamy white and soft pale pink-blush with greenery) are the details of romantic weddings. The romantic wedding style includes also delicate details (for example hand-painted fans or flowing silk ribbon).

Fine Art

This trend has recently become more and more popular. What makes this style special is the love for details and elegant elements are inspired by nature. The most important feature for fine art weddings is the natural and timeless aesthetics. Gardens and sophisticated villas are the perfect venues for enjoying a fine art wedding. Soft pale grey, blue, green and nude tones are the colors palette and the decoration must be impeccable. English roses, candles and little candle holders, fine porcelain or handmade ceramic with elegant glasses are the perfect elements. Sometimes  live music and even live artists surprise the guests.


A minimalism look asserts that “less is better”, and every detail is chosen for a reason. The design is a basic palette with clean lines and bold contrast, and includes only a few accessories, allowing the venue’s natural beauty to shine. Minimalism weddings highlights neutral colors where white, black, gray and cream are very commonly used. In exclusive wedding design the highest luxurious textures, tableware and floral pieces are the protagonists (for example shiny greenery or glimmering geometric shapes).

Art Deco

This style was the realm of visual art, architecture, and design originated in Paris in the ‘20s, and gained popularity in the United States and Western Europe throughout the ‘30s. The glamorous Jazz Age-inspired style is a trend since 2013 when the latest movie version of F. Scott Fitzgerald’s novel The Great Gatsby hit the screens. The Art Deco wedding theme is characterized by warm colors and strong, sharp angular geometric patterns. The most popular color palette for an Art Deco-inspired wedding is black, gold and white. A black tablecloth made of fine textiles with golden elements such as large place plates, candle holders, tealight, cutlery and crystal glasses are a must for an Art Deco wedding in the style of the 1920s.


The bohemian style has distinct soft, simple and romantic elements inspired by nature and hippie details. In 2019 this was one of the most trendy for the organization of weddings.  Elements of nature in addition with fashion and design are perfect style for any type of ceremony (for example wildflowers or fresh flowers of peonies, roses, orchids) and wedding reception (lantern lit-paths or outdoor lounges) in spring or summer seasons. Parks, villas with gardens and green spaces, lakes or beaches are the perfect setting. Soft ivory, wisteria, yellow and blue are the color palette. For the decoration scented white candle, hanging lights and floral arrangements (wildflowers or aromatic plants) are the element to refine elegance.


Natural elements are trending in 2020. From fruits and vegetables in floral arrangements (for example pampas grass or dried florals for centerpieces) to organic materials (wood or rattan furniture) this year’s most prominent organic design elements. The perfect palette for this style are earth tones combined with shades of olive or sage green, khaki and pink or white. Organic wedding styles can work in just about any venue, from a beach to a garden or lake.

Planning a gorgeous wedding requires obsessive attention to detail and the key to any wedding theme is to get a qualified support by professional vendors. I will capture your vision, translate your dream and ensure that your wedding style turns into a magnificent reality. Contact me!