I was sure that my bridal look would have only be complete with gorgeous, stunning bridal shoes. The choice was certainly unlimited but my ideas were very clear: they had to be aesthetically unique and fit perfectly to create the so-called “Cinderella effect”! 

In this article I would like to suggest some tips to let you find the perfect bridal shoes.

Style: in line with the wedding dress

It is important that the shoes, like any other accessory (for the hairs, bridal bouquet, belt or veil) is perfectly in line with the style of the dress you choose. That’s why I always recommend buying wedding shoes only after the dress. In fact, on your wedding day the shoes should match your dress in every aspect, style, color detail, etc.

The color of the shoes should also reflect your personal style: if you’re more classic and traditional, you’ll likely select  traditional whites, champagnes, ivories, and nudes. There are so many colors to choose and you can also be less traditional and consider metallics like silver, gold, rose gold, etc.

The most popular bridal types of wedding shoes are flats & wedges (they don’t have high heel), open toe shoes, close toe shoes, high sandals, sling back shoes or boots.

Since my wedding dress had a train and I wore a veil, I was not very convinced of the shoe models that presented me in the Ateliers. I then selected some Italian artisan shoe manufacturers so that I could have a sartorial product. I could then create and customize my shoes and the princess look was done!

I decided to buy two different pairs of shoes, the first in the shades of the blush rose that perfectly matched my dress for my civil wedding

and the other one for the big day

Both models were made with Swarovski crystals and my feet were jeweled!

Leather or velvet: high quality or comfortable?

Women love shoes, and when we fall in love with a model it is difficult to make us change our mind. The first aspect that must be considered is comfort, so it is necessary to pay attention to the material with which they are created. Among the most used ones are leather, suede, satin and satin fabrics. Lace, velvet with crystals (glitter or metallic) are all very beautiful.
It is important to choose a product that allows the foot to rest comfortably and here I recommend the leather padding.

The perfect bridal shoe must be appropriate for the season in which you are getting married. In summer, sandals and open shoes are perfect while in winter closed shoes or boots. Once identified, it is important to walk for a few weeks in order to feel safe and most of all comfortable throughout the day. If you marry in a garden or park, it is useful to use to the practical plastic heel covers: they will ensure that the shoes do not get ruined so that they can be used on other occasions!

If then you have feet pains due to the high heel, I suggest to insert gel insoles, but only after a few hours after wearing them; I guarantee you that the pain will disappear!

Heel height

Another reason to buy your dress first is that you’ll need your shoes at each of your dress fittings. This gives your dressmaker or tailor the exact height of your wedding shoes as they will adjust the length of your dress based on your shoes height for the perfectly look!

I am sure that with these simple tips every bride will be able to find her own “fairy shoes” perfect to be princess for one day and create the look she has always dreamed of. 

Contact me and together we will find the best made in Italy the perfect wedding-day shoe.