The moment of cutting the cake is one of the most suggestive and traditional moments of a wedding and the final triumph of the wedding party. At that moment all eyes are on the bride and groom and then on the cake.

Two requisites were essential for our wedding cake: excellent quality and scenic magnificence. The wedding cake was indeed a true work of sculptural art. Our professional pastry chef (in Italian “pasticciere”), has been able to create a high school gateau and rare refinement, thanks to the selection for the right ingredients. In fact, I remember that it was contemplated and appreciated by everyone.

The tradition of the wedding cake appeared in the nineteenth century in England, although in ancient Rome there were already sort of cakes during the wedding. It gradually evolved and established itself with the development of pastry and noble peoples made richly decorated cakes for all festive occasions, although initially there was no wedding cake as we know it today.

Usually the basic models of wedding cakes are single-tier (heart-shaped, square cupcakes or round cupcakes) or 3-tiers, which are composed of several overlapping cakes.

Our wedding cake had three tiers cake representing  in Christian interpretation the love (at the top), happiness (middle) and  fertility (below). Confectioners can adapt the cake according to the number of guests: a three-tiers cake can also be prepared for more than 200 people (normally 70-150). The multi-tiers wedding cakes are generally round. This classic form is the easiest to prepare because it has a solid base.

The floral decorations and an elegant cake topper were a very important choice for us to create a wonderful and in the meantime a perfect scenography.

The lighting under the table and the lanterns with candles hanging from a tree, made the atmosphere even more magic. Each guest was holding a fire-sparkling stick and the final effect was fantastic and exciting.

Here are some tips for choosing the perfect wedding cake

  • Collect ideas (at least 4-3 months before the wedding):  search wedding cakes blogs or many tips on Pinterest, it is important to choose a cake that is in harmony with the party and with the style of the wedding.
  • Know the pastry chef: a professional confectioner needs to know the location, the style of the wedding and the lighting to find the perfect style for a cake.
  • Choose a cake that’s compatible with the season

I will accompany the couple to choose the perfect cake by selecting the most renowned Italian pastry chef. With their mastery they will create your masterpiece of beauty and flavor! Only the best “pasticceri italiani” will be able to make your ideas come true and create your dream wedding cake! Contact me!